Provider Enrollment Made Easy

Apply to the insurance panels you want to, quickly,

VitalityRCM provides healthcare providers a simplified path to enroll/contract with insurance companies. We specialize in Medicare, Medicaid and all Commercial Payer provider enrollment, freeing your provider and staff from countless hours, even days, of filling out paperwork — and the endless headache of dealing with the various insurance companies. VitalityRCM has the experience you need in processing the payer’s application, submitting applications electronically, and providing timely follow up and status updates, all for an affordable, price.

Get Paid Faster with Credentialing Services.

Obtaining and maintaining provider credentialing is critical to successful revenue management. This burdensome administrative task requires high attention to detail and dedicated follow-through. That explains why 85% of applications are missing the information insurance companies require before they will reimburse for a provider’s services. Our team of trained credentialing experts and their powerful technology workflow tool ensures a faster path to credentialing providers and accelerating revenue collection.